A Gathering of Students, Teachers, Educators, and Practitioners.

The Online Learning Summit - 2020 is a gathering of students, teachers, educators, and practitioners. It will emphasize on the engagement of the students where they will participate, engage, and share their views on online education. The teachers, educators, and other practitioners will have the opportunity to share their online best practices and experience with others. The events and activities include innovative teaching competition, student voice, edtech startups showcasing, panel discussion and workshops.

14 May

14 -16 May 2020,

Major Events

Online Learning Summit 2020

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Recognizing Online Teaching Best Practices through a competition where teachers around the country can submit their best practices by fill up a registration form.

“Preparedness for online teaching” where our teachers from countrywide can attend through Zoom platform or even view from Facebook live. It is to be mentioned that there are separate sessions both at school/college and university level. 

Implementation Challenges of online teaching in tertiary level. Vice-Chancellors of various universities will conduct this session.

Implementation Challenges of online teaching up to higher secondary level. Panel Discussion with the Principals of various Schools, Colleges, Madrasas, and Diploma Institutes

Government and NGO related high officials will conduct this session.  

Where students will get chance to participate and also get certificate of attend

Entrepreneurs’ will conduct this session.

Online Learning Platforms will be demonstrated here thus anyone who wants to implement the online learning platform at their institution will get free support.

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Online Learning Summit 2020