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Gathering of Students, Teachers, Educators, and Practitioners.

The “Online Learning Summit” will be a gathering of students, teachers, educators, and practitioners. It will emphasize the engagement of the students where they will participate, engage, and share their views on online education. The teachers, educators, and other practitioners will have the opportunity to share their online best practices and experiences with others.


May 2020Online #StayHome


Online Learning Summit 2020

  • Bringing the best online practices of the teachers.
  • Making connections between learners and teachers
  • Finding the best solutions for online learning
  • Building a platform for teachers, students, educators and practitioners to overcome the challenges of online learning

Major Events

Online Learning Summit

  1. Best Practices Awards in Online Teaching
  2. Engaging Students in Online Learning
  3. Plenary Sessions, Workshops, Seminars
  4. Debate: Online Learning vs Traditional Learning
  5. Exhibition of Online Learning Platforms


“Empowering Teachers and Learners”

Program Overview

Online Learning Summit

Who can Join?: The Online Learning Summit welcomes the participation of learners, scholars, educators, practitioners, researchers and innovators from all teaching and learning institutions as well as from related industries. 

Date: 14-16 May 2020

Venue: Online #StayHome